6 Tips for Making Learning More Fun and Exciting

Tips for Making Learning More Fun and ExcitingAre you looking to keep your students interested in your lessons? We’ll be discussing some of the ways that you can make learning more exciting while educating young minds.

Learning can be fun and although a lot of students wouldn’t admit it, if their lessons weren’t so mundane then they’d enjoy school more. This leads to better grades, smarter students, and it can make your job less stressful too.

But, it isn’t easy to make learning more exciting so to help you adapt your teaching style, here are some tips to consider.

Tip #1 – Plan Field Trips

Getting out of the classroom is a great way to shake things up and one way to do this is to go on a field trip. Field trips are a change of pace, they’re exciting, and if you have a few troubled students who aren’t interested in what you’re trying to teach them, there’s a chance that this will intrigue them.

Depending on which school you work at and what rules there are regarding field trips, getting approval for a trip may be difficult. But, if it’s possible, a field trip once every few months can be beneficial.

Tip #2 – Use Technology More Often

A lot of schools have already increased how much of a role technology plays in their curriculum. Whiteboards, tablets, smart boards and computer labs are all starting to make appearances in schools all over the world.

Some teachers aren’t open to the idea of technology as it can be distracting. We’re not going to argue that but, if you prepare a fun activity which will help your students to learn, they won’t feel the urge to slack off.

Tip #3 – Watch YouTube Videos

There are thousands of YouTube videos uploaded every single day so regardless of what you’re teaching the class, you’ll be able to find a few relevant videos.

It’s also a good idea to have your students write down a few notes while they watch the video as this will help them to retain what they’re being taught. After the video is over, follow it up with a few questions about what they saw.

Tip #4 – Riddles

Everyone loves a puzzle. They’re challenging and if you’re playing against the clock, it can give you an adrenaline rush. Riddles are the best type of puzzle to include in your lesson plans. Not only do they require a lot of brain power but if you offer a prize for whoever comes up with the right answer first, it can get your students more involved in the lesson.

One idea would be to tell your class the riddle at the end of the lesson and explain it to them during the next lesson – this will keep them excited for your lessons!

Tip #5 – Change the Learning Environment

Not every class has to be in the classroom. If the sun is shining then take your class outside, find a nice spot to relax in and get on with your lesson.

Changing the environment every once in a while is a great way to shake up your lessons and keep your students engaged.

Tip #6 – Reward Good Results!

Lastly, reward your class with good results. If exam season has just passed or they have all done well on a recent test, watch a movie or throw a party!

This encourages students to continue participating in your lessons, putting in the effort, and leads to better grades.

To Conclude…

Learning doesn’t have to be as boring as we’ve been led to believe. Whenever we talk about school, many people will automatically think about note taking, taking tests, and slow-paced lessons – it doesn’t have to be this way! Take into account some of the tips above and you’ll quickly have their minds’ focused on learning.

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