My Favorite Fashion Trends Of 2018

fashion trends of 2018I love dressing up; it feels great to wear nice make-up and good clothes when I go out for events, parties, and social gatherings. I am one of those people who can make a quick decision on what to wear because I know what fits. Every year different fashion trends hit the media and we get to see pictures and models advertising nice clothes which may become the newest trends. So what has been in vogue? Have you noticed the men and ladies wearing any fashion items in particular? Well, I have, while some fashion trends I have been noticing have been really appealing, I have seen other trends that I hope won’t get noticed because they don’t look so good. So, my favourite fashion trends so far in 2018 are as follows:


There is something about scarves that really makes me feel so cozy and comfortable without thinking I am overdressed. I have a lot of scarves, and I have been noticing the increasing use of scarves in public. This time, not only by the ladies but also by men who fashionably use those short square scarves. And they can be used not only in the winter, but also in the spring, summer and fall. Scarves can be used to complement your clothing style in many ways so feel free to be creative.


They are sexy, bold and they can be worn with different kinds of outfits. Stilettos have become the favourite choice for ladies during different events, both formal and informal. There are different kinds and lengths of stilettos, and they look perfect when worn with short dresses, shorts, or jeans.

Big Bags

Yes! I guess the big bags are making a come back. I love the purses and smaller bags because they are easy to carry around, but there are some occasions where I just need a purse that my mobile phone, wallet, makeup and everything else I need can fit into. I guess even with the frequent sightings of the big bags, I may still use my tiny purses sometimes when I don’t need to carry much with me. But big bags are great. They are perfect for shopping and travelling, and I love that they often have different compartments. If it becomes a popular trend, we can expect the notable designers such as Hermes, Versace, Gucci, etc., to release special editions of the big bags.

Knee-length Leather Boots

Knee-length leather boots are edgy and chic. I have a few of them, and I think they are a must-have for every lady as well. Some occasions, you just have to make a fashion statement with your entrance wearing really nice knee-length boots. The prices of these boots can vary significantly, so have a good look at the options before making a choice.


I love bracelets; they are one of my favorite fashion accessories. I have plans to start making my customized bracelets soon. Bracelets come in various designs and colors. Your choice should definitely be bracelets that complement your outfit and make you feel confident. There is no ‘hard set’ rule to wearing bracelets, but ensure that they are comfortable. Tight bracelets can be quite a distraction and restriction.

I can’t help but notice the trends in social media, in magazines and on TV. Fashion is a great way to be creative and to have fun with your wardrobe. Show off your style, be yourself, follow the trends you love and create new ones that you think others will too!

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