Expressing Yourself Through Poetry

Expressing yourself with poetry

Poetry can be used in various ways. It can be shared with someone to express how you feel. It’s a unique way to share thoughts. Writing poems can also be healing for yourself when going through a difficult or challenging time in life. I’ve never been into writing my thoughts down on paper in a diary. It was nice to get the words down on paper but it didn’t accomplish the goal I had in mind, to process my feelings and move forward. I find creating something using words from the heart can be a great way to process and work through an event.

In a marriage, year after year you celebrate events and anniversaries. A poem is a great way to remind your spouse why you married them. Written words of appreciation and love will be cherished for years to come. I love you poems are an original and romantic way to spontaneously remind your love how special they are to you. Your love will find what you wrote thoughtful and can become more valuable than a gift purchased at a store.

The other way poems are useful is when processing an emotion. When life gets hard, write poems about life to share how your feeling and move forward from an event. Write it for yourself or for someone else. Writing random words that come to mind is a great way to work through emotions you are experiencing. A poem can be a unique way to communicate your thoughts or emotions.

There are no rules with poems, the structure and length is up to you. Just start writing. If you’ve lost a loved one recently, writing can be a great way to process the various emotions you’re feeling. After the loss of a loved one, a memorial poem can be used to process the grief or used during the service. Write words of appreciation, grieve for your loss and allow your mind to process. Write a new poem during each of the five states of grief or loss, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Each stage is unique and writing your emotions on paper as a poem is a nice way to move to the next stage. I’ve known people to burn the poems at the end as a way of acceptance and moving forward. I’ve also seen people keep them close and re-read them when they feel like they’re falling back to a step. These writings can remind you to live, how the person you’ve lost made you feel and that they would want you to live your life and find happiness.

Just write, let the words flow out of you and remember, everything is up to you. There are no rules! Allow your emotions to let go and write everything that comes to your mind on paper. Don’t worry about how it sounds, if it rhymes or how the structure looks. What matters is how it feels to you after you’ve finished. Did it make you feel better? Did you express your feelings the way you intended? We hope this helps you communicate love or feelings to someone or process through a difficult time in your life.

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