Introduction to Magic & Spells

Introduction To Magic SpellsThere is a lot more to life than meets the eye. Many people throughout history have suspected this and toyed around with the different aspects of reality and nature. From asceticism to meditation, religion to alchemy, there are various methods and approaches that people have taken. Here I would like to talk about one of the most prevalent and persistent forms this has taken: magic. After studying and practicing the Law of Attraction and manifestation, I began my dive into magic. I knew I had a strong ability to make things happen and wanted an extra boost to help my intentions become real.  I learned a lot about various spells and the different types of magic: black magic versus white magic, voodoo versus hoodoo and so on. I’d like to share what I learned to help as a guide.

In simple terms, black magic is more about revenge and can be seen as more of a selfish, revengeful or destructive magic while white magic is more about kindness and protection. But white magic can benefit the world and yourself in many ways. Most recently I have used several Protection Spells and recently made a protection jar to protect my home. If you chose to try black magic, I would start small and try these Wiccan Spells, but I would ensure that you are extra careful with black magic and take care to follow instructions more carefully. When you see black candles being used, I’ve found these spells to be closer to black magic.  

Hoodoo versus voodoo spells are very different types of magic as well.  Hoodoo is a form of African American magic, known as conjure. Hoodoo blends traditions together in their spells. Voodoo is typically done using dolls or objects that represent an individual.  Voodoo spells can be used to win a court case, remove a hex or banish an illness. 

Focusing on your intention is very important. If you have positive intentions, these would be considered white magic. Protection, healing and bringing good into your life or someone else’s are some common examples of white magic.  Alternatively, putting a hex on someone, a spell for divorce or to inflict harm is considered black magic. I would encourage you to take time before you place a black magic spell on anyone, if done incorrectly they can do more harm then good and backfire on you.  Focus on love and light, healing and positivity. From my experience, as you cast white magic spells, you will also benefit positively. So if you would like to start off on an adventure into a whole new world, please start off with some simple spells and see how they can transform your world.

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