Unique and Fun Birthday Wishes

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Sending birthday wishes to someone you care about in a unique and fun way is always a thoughtful thing to do. It can be difficult to come up with the words to share how important someone is to you on their special day. Whether you want something funny or thoughtful, use your imagination to say something nice on their special day.

Recently I needed to send several birthday cards and tried to find some unique options. We aren’t celebrating in person due to COVID-19 so I wanted to send funny wishes to make them laugh. There are a variety of options and they can always be customized to fit the person you’re sending them to. Making someone laugh is always a fun thing to do on their birthday, even in person when life gets back to normal. Coming up with new and creative ways to celebrate has been fun for me and I wanted to share some ideas that you can use to make someone’s birthday special in person or otherwise. I have written several happy birthday funny messages you can use when writing in your next card. There are several other options including wishes for friends and family.

On my brother’s birthday I wrote a song, had each person in my family record a portion and sent it to him on his birthday. Writing a song is a lot of work, it took me over 4 hours to write and another 3 to edit the video but I know he will cherish the video for years to come. The tradition was fun but it is a lot of work which is what motivated my most recent birthday wishes for my sister. My sister lives halfway across the country so pandemic or not, we will most likely have a socially distanced birthday celebration over the years. I made some signs, tore up some confetti and wrote a poem for her to tell her how much she is loved and celebrated on her special day. I find coming up with creative and fun ways to celebrate someone’s birth is not only appreciated by them but fun!

Whether you’re celebrating a friend’s birthday, your parents or another relative, it can be challenging to come up with a unique way to send birthday wishes. Did I write the same thing last year? This has always been the question I’ve asked myself when writing in a card. Do these words really express how much I value them in my life?

Celebrating your parent’s birthday? They will value these words for years to come. Parents don’t need a big celebrating or gifts, they want to know how much you value and appreciate everything they’ve done for you. Write something more than happy birthday mom or dad, make it meaningful and from the heart.

Come up with creative, fun, unique heartfelt messages. You can use some of the messages I’ve written, join them together or use them to create your own. I hope they help you if your mind goes blank when writing in a card. Always remember that a few handwritten words mean a lot to someone and taking the time to write something extra in a card rather than just signing your name will mean a lot to that special someone. Tomorrow is not promised, remember to let the one’s know today how special they are to you by sending happy birthday wishes!

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